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Happy Fall -- Cooler Weather and Lots of Snuggling!!



I am a total nympho MILF; the neighbor's wife you want to bed, the mom standing in line at the grocery store in heels and skirt and you just can't tell if she's wearing panties, and the sex pot you lust over!     


College educated, sexually confident, passionate and energetic. I feel amazing in my own skin and have an extremely upbeat attitude. Always smiling and laughing, my excitement for life and magnetic energy is easily transferred.


Please email me for additional information about my services and recent pictures. 


See the 'Contact Me' tab for screening requirements and the 'Calendar' tab for a very detailed and always updated travel schedule.


If we are current friends, please text me for quickest response.


PS -- I am really behind on answering emails!  Been really slack and basically just using text these days... BUT I will be going through everything from September and October this week -- (10/18-10/21 I will be responding to all current emails with reference info).  So if you haven't received a response from me, you will in the next few days for sure!!! Thanks for being patient with me because I am totally loving having fun with you and don't want to leave my emails hanging any longer!